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Great Britain Region
POWERtalk International
An International Training in Communication Brand


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Welcome to POWERtalk International, Great Britain Region

Learn the art of public speaking and develop good communication skills in a relaxed and friendly environment with a POWERtalk International speakers’ club.

POWERtalk International is is a world-wide non-profit organization providing coaching in effective speaking and presentation skills. We were originally formed in 1938 under the name International Toastmistress Clubs. We changed our legal name to International Training in Communication in 1976 and have since branded our training provision as POWERtalk International.

Guests are always welcome at our clubs – There is no charge for visitors who will not be pressed to speak unless they really wish to.

Good communication and leadership skills are built on confidence, clarity of thought and expression, and the ability to listen. They are skills that we all need to call upon in our everyday lives, whether we are taking part in a conversation over dinner, voicing an opinion at a business meeting or delivering a speech at a reception. You may have been on a public speaking course, had presentation skill training or read many books on effective communication skills, but the only way to improve your skills is by practice.

POWERtalk International gives you the opportunity to practise in a friendly, supportive atmosphere, where you are given coaching by means of constructive feedback and advice. Our clubs are open to everybody. No dress code – Come as you are. Just check the club web sites for dates and turn up. we provide opportunities for personal growth that show immediate results.

The Mission of POWERtalk International, Great Britain Region is:

To provide the best coaching in communication, presentation and leadership skills
throughout Great Britain.

The Vision of the Great Britain Region Board is:

To have an enthusiastic and committed Region membership.

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